Friday, March 24, 2017

Achieving Maximum Adhesion For Crystals And Nail Art

How you do you apply your stones and various nail art? Many clients ask us what is the best way to super secure those stones without making them foggy or cloudy. Typically nail resin cannot properly adhere bigger crystals and nail art, and can affect the clarity of the stone. The only thing worse than your precious work and nail art falling off the nail is the integrity of the stone being compromised. 

Our stone resin has a thicker “gel” like viscosity to really secure your nail art as well as prevent cloudy crystals when applied correctly. Alternatively, we have also formulated two types of stone gel. Our Standard Stone Gel is thicker than our hard builder gel and crystal clear for maximum esthetic appeal. Our Thick Stone Gel is the thickest gel we have created! The viscosity of this crystal clear gel ensures that even the biggest nail art is secure. Each formulation promotes ultimate adhesion and with 3 options, each nail tech is sure to find the right formula for them. 

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