Thursday, August 25, 2016

Are you ready to transition to LED nail product formulation?

So LED gel products and lamps have been out for a while now.  In the beginning, like most products, pricing was pretty high.  This was especially the case when it came to LED lamps.  Is it worth it to transition?  This is a personal question of course.  The main benefit of LED systems is the fact that it cures gel in a quarter of the time as UV products.  Generally a 30 second cure is all you need as opposed to 2 minutes with UV gels.  And now that the price of lamps has gone down significantly, transitioning is more economically feasible.

Mini LED Lamp - $35
However, what about the system you are currently using?  If it's a UV system and you are satisfied, is it worth it to switch?  Maybe not - how about offering both to your clients or yourself?  For me, that was my answer.  I have certain gels that I just love and would not want to just put in the trash or somewhere to collect dust.  So instead of getting rid of my UV lamp, I have added a LED lamp to my arsenal of nail supplies.  This way, depending on what kind of nails I am creating, I have the compatible lamp available.  When I want to use my Perfectionist UV Gels that I am accustomed to, I break out my 9 watt UV Lamp.  Then if I am in the mood for my Sologel Gel Polish (which technically I could use either lamp as Sologel Gel Polish is UV/LED formulation) I would probably use my LED lamp for a nice quick 30 second cure.

I like options.  I like variety.  I like both UV and LED lamps and products.  If you have a preference, great.  But why choose if you don't have too?

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