Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why are Concealer Acrylic Powders a good supply for your manicure kit?

Skin Tone Acrylic PowderFor those us who enjoy acrylic powder, working with concealer acrylic powders is truly a must.  Concealer acrylic powders are designed to cover up any imperfection of the nails, basically camouflaging the natural lines or ridges that can be found on the nail.  It is also good for smile line cover ups and and more.

Nail art designBut why do I think concealer acrylic powders are a must?  Not just what it is designed for but much more.  I like the fact that these cover up powders feature opaque shades reminiscent of skin tones, with neutral undertones.  This allows me to create the nail with these cover up powders and enjoy the look of a color acrylic powder.  Yet because they are skin tone, you can easily change up the look with nail polish in between fills if you wish.  With say a clear or even a standard pink powder, to have a finished "look" you would need to use a gel polish or a nail polish.  Now don't get me wrong, I definitely use my standard acrylic powders, for basic sets as well as nail art encapsulation.  But once I tried this series of acrylic powders, I was hooked.
Concealer Acrylic
Concealer, cover up or camouflage acrylic powders are available in standard, odorless as well as gelcrylic nail systems.  Try to incorporate this style and you won't be disappointed.  Experiment as you would with any color acrylic powder by varying the number of layers you apply.  Don't think that because they are skin tones that you cannot incorporate nail designs into your manicure.  The above photo features three layers of our Gelcrylic Acrylic Powder - Carress with designed nails in the center and pinky fingers.  Sophisticated style with the benefit of opaque, concealer style acrylic powder at your finger tips!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are you joining the latest trend of Mirror Chrome Nails?

Wow - in all our years in the nail industry it is really fun when something new and exciting is added to the mix.  This is how I feel about the latest craze of Mirror Chrome Nail Powder - also known as Mirror Nails or Chrome Nails.  It's fun when a new method of nail applications come to light and these incredible medium of Mirror Chrome Nail Powder fits the bill.  Sheba Nails are carrying the original Silver Mirror Chrome Powder as well as Gold Mirror Chrome Powder.  Later this week we will be added a really cool Bronze to the line of our Magic Mirror Chrome Powders.

Mirror Chrome Silver Nails by @MadamLuck
It's actually a simple application which is what makes it so amazing.  Start with any color gel polish - I like to use our Sologel Gel Polish Black Out or Marshmallow.  Using black or white gel polish gives you the two ends of the color spectrum and the base color truly changes the effect you get when using Mirror Chrome Powder.  Once cured I find for best results to use a No-Wipe UV/LED Top Gel to be used over the base color.  Then you immediately rub on the Mirror Chrome Powder on the nail to reveal the stunning mirror effect of these amazing powders.  Just finish with a final seal of top gel.  When testing our Mirror Chrome Powders we used Jessami Permasealer which is a Soak-Off formulated No-Wipe UV/LED Top Gel - no wipe meaning that there is no tacky layer that needs to be removed after curing the nails as with traditional gels.

The amazing @MadamLuck (find her on Instagram - you won't be disappointed) created some stunning designs using our Mirror Chrome Nail Powder and did some really unique stamping over the top - so cool!

Mirror Chrome Gold Nails by @MadamLuck

Wether you know them as Mirror Nails or Chrome Nails, this shiny new manicure trend has hit hard and fast. These are one of those nail product must-haves so don't delay in getting your hands on some - products available on our site

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding application or product information - we are always available to assist you.  And most of all have fun with this new and unique nail product!!