Thursday, October 20, 2016


Chrome nails are the hottest trend this season with new colors being developed and incorporated in creative designs. Have you seen Sheba Nails newest Magic Mirror Chrome Powders? We also offer the entire chrome collection in a new sampler kit! 1 gram of each color for only $26.99! You cannot beat that! Below we share some of our favorite designs using our chrome powders.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Who doesn't love chunky glitter? Beautiful coordinating colors , use one or use them all! Varying textures including matte and iridescent. Something for everyone! Solvent-resistant means they can be used with any media including nail polish suspension base, acrylic, and gel. Apply on top of the nail or encapsulate the glitter for a longer lasting design. The possibilities are endless! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Are you ready to transition to LED nail product formulation?

So LED gel products and lamps have been out for a while now.  In the beginning, like most products, pricing was pretty high.  This was especially the case when it came to LED lamps.  Is it worth it to transition?  This is a personal question of course.  The main benefit of LED systems is the fact that it cures gel in a quarter of the time as UV products.  Generally a 30 second cure is all you need as opposed to 2 minutes with UV gels.  And now that the price of lamps has gone down significantly, transitioning is more economically feasible.

Mini LED Lamp - $35
However, what about the system you are currently using?  If it's a UV system and you are satisfied, is it worth it to switch?  Maybe not - how about offering both to your clients or yourself?  For me, that was my answer.  I have certain gels that I just love and would not want to just put in the trash or somewhere to collect dust.  So instead of getting rid of my UV lamp, I have added a LED lamp to my arsenal of nail supplies.  This way, depending on what kind of nails I am creating, I have the compatible lamp available.  When I want to use my Perfectionist UV Gels that I am accustomed to, I break out my 9 watt UV Lamp.  Then if I am in the mood for my Sologel Gel Polish (which technically I could use either lamp as Sologel Gel Polish is UV/LED formulation) I would probably use my LED lamp for a nice quick 30 second cure.

I like options.  I like variety.  I like both UV and LED lamps and products.  If you have a preference, great.  But why choose if you don't have too?

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nail Polish Top Coats, Gel Sealers, Finishers, etc. Do you really need them all?

So there are a variety of products that you can include in your nail stash for the final step of your nail service to ensure that your nails shine, protect and last until your next fill.  But with all of these choices available the question may be - do I really need them all?  The better question may be - which one do I really need?

A good start is what type of nails are you working with - natural or artificial?  If you are using artificial then what kind - gel, acrylic or fiberglass?  Are you using nail polish or gel polish?  Are you applying nail art and if so what kind - hand painting, airbrushing or stones?  And finally, what are your expectations or needs?  The answers to each of these questions are important to lead you to the correct product.

For natural nails you can achieve a smooth surface with a quality Ridge Filler to help even out the nail bed and prepare it for nail polish application.  Going from there you can pick from Base Coats to protect the natural nail from possible staining of color and for better nail polish adhesion.  What about after nail polish or even no nail polish?  Top coats can leave a shiny or matte finish - good choices may include our Wet Glaze Top Coat, 60 Second Top Coat or Magic Matte Top Coat.  If you are looking to grow out your nails a thicker viscosity like our High Gloss Reflective Top Coat may be what you are looking for.

Using nail art?  Something to look for is one that will keep it on until your next visit.  Our Nail Art Bonding Aid & Sealer is a go too for many of our clients. If you have a UV Lamp a great choice is our UV Glass Sealer which is a tack-free, UV cured sealer that requires buffing off of the shine before being able to be removed with acetone.  This allows for long lasting nail art designs along with UV protection.

What about artificial nails like acrylic, gel and fiberglass?  What kind of lamp do you have - UV or LED?  Do you want a soak-off formulation?  Our Top Seal hard gel is an excellent way to protect the nail and is used with a UV lamp.  Want a UV cured sealer that soaks off - we offer Simply Soak UV Sealer & Finishing Top Coat.  Remember that both of these have a tacky layer that must be removed after curing with alcohol to reveal there high shine finish.

Now that LED lamps are starting to be more economical we have more choices available to us.  Check out our Jessami Permasealer - this is UV/LED Top Gel with a soak-ff formulation PLUS it is tack free meaning that there is no tacky layer to be removed.

So many choices, so many questions.  Maybe you only need one or maybe you need them all.  It's just nice to know what your options so you can pick your best fit.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why are Concealer Acrylic Powders a good supply for your manicure kit?

Skin Tone Acrylic PowderFor those us who enjoy acrylic powder, working with concealer acrylic powders is truly a must.  Concealer acrylic powders are designed to cover up any imperfection of the nails, basically camouflaging the natural lines or ridges that can be found on the nail.  It is also good for smile line cover ups and and more.

Nail art designBut why do I think concealer acrylic powders are a must?  Not just what it is designed for but much more.  I like the fact that these cover up powders feature opaque shades reminiscent of skin tones, with neutral undertones.  This allows me to create the nail with these cover up powders and enjoy the look of a color acrylic powder.  Yet because they are skin tone, you can easily change up the look with nail polish in between fills if you wish.  With say a clear or even a standard pink powder, to have a finished "look" you would need to use a gel polish or a nail polish.  Now don't get me wrong, I definitely use my standard acrylic powders, for basic sets as well as nail art encapsulation.  But once I tried this series of acrylic powders, I was hooked.
Concealer Acrylic
Concealer, cover up or camouflage acrylic powders are available in standard, odorless as well as gelcrylic nail systems.  Try to incorporate this style and you won't be disappointed.  Experiment as you would with any color acrylic powder by varying the number of layers you apply.  Don't think that because they are skin tones that you cannot incorporate nail designs into your manicure.  The above photo features three layers of our Gelcrylic Acrylic Powder - Carress with designed nails in the center and pinky fingers.  Sophisticated style with the benefit of opaque, concealer style acrylic powder at your finger tips!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are you joining the latest trend of Mirror Chrome Nails?

Wow - in all our years in the nail industry it is really fun when something new and exciting is added to the mix.  This is how I feel about the latest craze of Mirror Chrome Nail Powder - also known as Mirror Nails or Chrome Nails.  It's fun when a new method of nail applications come to light and these incredible medium of Mirror Chrome Nail Powder fits the bill.  Sheba Nails are carrying the original Silver Mirror Chrome Powder as well as Gold Mirror Chrome Powder.  Later this week we will be added a really cool Bronze to the line of our Magic Mirror Chrome Powders.

Mirror Chrome Silver Nails by @MadamLuck
It's actually a simple application which is what makes it so amazing.  Start with any color gel polish - I like to use our Sologel Gel Polish Black Out or Marshmallow.  Using black or white gel polish gives you the two ends of the color spectrum and the base color truly changes the effect you get when using Mirror Chrome Powder.  Once cured I find for best results to use a No-Wipe UV/LED Top Gel to be used over the base color.  Then you immediately rub on the Mirror Chrome Powder on the nail to reveal the stunning mirror effect of these amazing powders.  Just finish with a final seal of top gel.  When testing our Mirror Chrome Powders we used Jessami Permasealer which is a Soak-Off formulated No-Wipe UV/LED Top Gel - no wipe meaning that there is no tacky layer that needs to be removed after curing the nails as with traditional gels.

The amazing @MadamLuck (find her on Instagram - you won't be disappointed) created some stunning designs using our Mirror Chrome Nail Powder and did some really unique stamping over the top - so cool!

Mirror Chrome Gold Nails by @MadamLuck

Wether you know them as Mirror Nails or Chrome Nails, this shiny new manicure trend has hit hard and fast. These are one of those nail product must-haves so don't delay in getting your hands on some - products available on our site

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding application or product information - we are always available to assist you.  And most of all have fun with this new and unique nail product!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Coming Soon! New Color Changing Powders!

Just a quick preview of our new line of color changing acrylic powders and glitter mixes - coming out soon!!!  💜💚 💙❤️ This video show them change with heat activation. ‪#‎shebanails‬ ‪#‎colorchangeacrylic‬ ‪#‎fxglittermix‬‪#‎gelcrylic‬

Wednesday, March 30, 2016




Monday, March 7, 2016

Introducing Our New Sologel Limited Edition Charmed Collection!!

Inspired by classic fairy tales, this limited edition Charmed Collection features colors filled with fantasy & whimsy.

Treat yourself or your clients to nails inspired by the classic fairy tales of youth.  This limited edition collection includes seven mini shades including Crystal Ball, Once Upon A Time, Glass Slippers, Fairy God Mother, Belle of the Ball, Prince Charming and Ever After. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your designs!! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just arrived brand new THICK Gelcrylic gel!

By popular demand it's finally here! Our best selling system is now available with THICK Gelcrylic UV/LED gel! Perfect for fast fills in our original self-leveling formula. Use with our Gelcrylic glitter blends for flawless encapsulation. Our most popular system just keeps getting better and better! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines day is just around the corner! Are you ready to satisfy your client's or personal needs with festive nail art? Sheba Nails has some great ideas to keep your look romantic and whimsical on this upcoming holiday. Whether going out for a night out on the town or a private candlelit dinner these products will complete your date!