Friday, December 18, 2015

Country Charm Powder Collection


Gelcrylic Country Charm Powders feature rustic shades with deep tones that are warm and inviting for the colder season. 

Sheba Nails Gelcrylic Powder is a super fine acrylic powder formulation for use with UV and LED gel application.  Our self-leveling system makes it possible for you to achieve smooth, high gloss nails with no need for filing.  Finely sifted acrylic powder leaves no grainy feeling or look to your finished nails.

Our Country Charm collections includes shades reminiscent of rustic shades of the season.  Our sampler kit includes all four shades from the Country Charm Collection - Four 1/8 oz jars for only $7.49! We also have each individual color available in 1/2oz. or 1oz. jars. 

If you love our color Gelcrylic kits, then you will love what we offer for the Country Charm collection which includes all four colors (instead of the standard 3) and a 1/2oz. jar of UV/LED Gelcrylic gel, 5 cleansing wipes, and one mini spoon for sprinkling application for just $21.99! 

Don't forget, all of our Gelcrylic color powders are also available in our standard acrylic formulation for use with our System A' Monomer. Please specify when placing an order in the notes if you would like the acrylic formulation rather than the Gelcrylic. 

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