Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stamping Nail Art

Create beautiful nail art designs with stamping image plates and stamping polishes from Sheba Nails. Without a doubt, stamping nail art is a huge success with nail enthusiasts. Stamping plates allow you to provide perfect, and more importantly consistent results every time. Not to mention, fast and flawless application easy enough for anyone to use.

Simple to use, stamping image plates allow for professional looking nail art designs in a fraction of the time.  So quick and easy and the combinations are endless.  Have fun mixing and matching different color stamping polishes and stamping image plates to get unique nail art every time.  Create the most beautiful and unique nail designs. Simply select an image, apply nail polish and stamp away!

Note: The steel plate is shipped with a thin sheet of transparent plastic PP film to protect against scratches. Before using the steel plate for the first time, be sure to remove  the protective film.  Size of plate - approx. 5.5 cm.

How to use:

Step 1. Apply the base coat color to your nails.  Your nails must be completely dry before you begin stamping.
Step 2.  Using a cotton swab, clean your image plate, stamper and scraper, then wipe dry.  You must repeat this process each time you use the image plate.

Step 3. Select the nail polish you want,then paint the polish onto the face of the plate ,the more polish you paint,the better the effect will be.

Step 4.Scrape the excess polish from the scraper at a 45 degree angle.

Step 5.  Quickly place the stamper over the image on your chosen plate to transfer design on to the stamper. Be careful at this step, ensure that the design has been picked up on the stamper as you desire it.

Step 6. Quickly transfer design from stamper to your nail.  Make sure to roll the pattern slant ways from one side to the other side.

Step 7.  Seal the design with top coat.


-Always be sure that your plate is clean prior to use.

-Remember to "roll" the image from the stamper on to your nail - beginning at one side and "rolling" over the nail to the other side.

-Work quickly - using thin layer of nail polish causes the design to dry fast so you to work quick to make a good clean transfer.

                  -Don't press hard on the stamper or plate, this can cause smudging of the design.