Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sologel Gel Pollish

Who doesn’t love gel polish? I have yet to run across anyone who doesn’t love the durability of gel polish over traditional nail polish. Nail clients are now more inclined to request a gel polish manicure during their nail service. I have heard time and time again, of clients requesting “Shellac,” or “Gelish” not being fully aware that these are types of brands, and not a type of product. Most clients and even some nail technicians do not realize that they are essentially paying for a “brand” or a name rather than a product.

What if I told you that you could still offer gel polish service to your clients, without the hefty price tag? Here are the facts:

- Sologel soak off gel polish is a revolutionary product that applies like nail polish and cures under a LED or UV light.  Just one coat wears flawlessly for up to 14 days or more and removes easily in minutes.

- Gelish Mini Foundation Base averages around $22.99 for .30oz.

- Sologel All in One Top AND Base coat is $10.99 for .50oz.

- Almost twice the size of a Gelish mini! Not to mention you would have to purchase a Gelish mini topcoat for $13.99! Our gel polish withstands even the toughest jobs with no chipping for up to two weeks!

Sologel provides all of the durability and shine of other brands, while maintaining the highest quality product at an affordable price. AND unlike other brands, Sologel is solvent FREE, BPA FREE, & five FREE: No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde, No Camphor, No Formaldehyde Resins. Sologel soaks off within minutes without the permanent damage to natural nails that some gel brands cause.
Don’t fell victim to the fad, try our Sologel gel polish today! Look for our Sologel Sale on our website soon!

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