Saturday, May 23, 2015


Acid Primers or (Nail Bonders) are solvent based products that are intended to remove natural oils, raise the Ph level of the nail, and maximize adhesion of enhancements to the natural nail. Raising the Ph level with a bonding agent is essential to ensuring the best adhesion for your client. When enhancements are applied to a client with natural oily skin an  d if they have a history of lifting your client will be much happier with the addition of this product to their nail service.
Acid Primers should only be used by an experienced professional as when they are used improperly can cause a burning sensation. As with all primers, they should never be applied directly to any skin and should ONLY be applied to the nail plate. When applied to enhancements during a fill, or backfill, it can create yellowing of the enhancement, so it is very important that the technician is using the correct technique. With bonders, less is more. You should be able to apply one entire hand with just one dab of the brush into the bottle. It's best to apply by one touch of the primer brush in the center of the nail only as the primer spreads by itself and covers the nail bed.  No over prime needed.  KEEP AWAY FROM SKIN!

 So now that we know the proper technique, when should acid primers be used and applied?
· Before acrylic application
· Before UV Gel application
· Before Gel Polish application (Apply to free edge only to prevent even the most stubborn clients gel from peeling.)
Non-Acid Primers are free of methacrylic acid (which is not to be confused with MMA.) Non-acid primers are intended to be used in the same fashion as Acid Primers, except since they are free of acid there is less chance of burning sensation to the client. They also have a lower odor.

At the end of the day primer is actually an optional step for nail enhancements.  They are not always required for every person or client and you may want to try and see how the product works without using primer for the first application.  If your client has very oily skin this can help remover the oil from the nail bed for proper application. Also, note that many medications can cause lifting for many people.  If your clients is experiencing persistent lifting, see if they are taking any medication as this may be a contributing factor.

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