Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UV Gel and the Natural Nail make a great combination.

Sheba Nails Perfectionist UV Gel
More and more we are finding clients that want to promote the growth of their own natural nails.  However for the majority this is not as easy as it may appears when they first begin.   By the time they even start to get to the length that they want to achieve, the nail begins to split, peel, bend or just crack.  Of course the use of a quality cuticle oil and even using nail polish can help.  Another great option is UV Gel for many reasons.  Our line of Perfectionist UV Gel is odorless, easy to apply with no filing and comes in a variety of shades with a high shine finish.  You can pick from Crystal Clear if you don't want any color at all.  We have pinks and whites in different opacities to achieve French Manicures.  We even have Concealer UV Gel Shades to hide nail imperfections and also our Glitterize UV Gel Colors that provide a little bling built right into the UV Gel itself.  Below is a UV Gel Natural Nail Overlay Video Tutorial showing just how easy it is to incorporate UV Gel into your manicures.

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