Monday, August 25, 2014

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Acrylic Powders are here!
Fluorescent Gelcrylic Powders
We have added some great colors to our line of Gelcrylic Powders.  Hot Neon shades that are formulated to be used with our UV Gel + Acrylic hybrid nail system.  Each fluorescent color acrylic powder had just a hint of shimmer for instant nail art.  Many clients who use our Gelcrylic System have reached out to us asking for more variety in the shades of acrylic powder and more specifically asking for nail art colors.  We are starting with some great hot neon acrylic powders and will be adding more very soon.  Using these nail art colors with our Gelcrylic System makes it easy to encapsulate nail art right in the nails which is a popular trend right now.  Enjoy!!

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