Monday, August 25, 2014

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Acrylic Powders are here!
Fluorescent Gelcrylic Powders
We have added some great colors to our line of Gelcrylic Powders.  Hot Neon shades that are formulated to be used with our UV Gel + Acrylic hybrid nail system.  Each fluorescent color acrylic powder had just a hint of shimmer for instant nail art.  Many clients who use our Gelcrylic System have reached out to us asking for more variety in the shades of acrylic powder and more specifically asking for nail art colors.  We are starting with some great hot neon acrylic powders and will be adding more very soon.  Using these nail art colors with our Gelcrylic System makes it easy to encapsulate nail art right in the nails which is a popular trend right now.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

UV Gel and the Natural Nail make a great combination.

Sheba Nails Perfectionist UV Gel
More and more we are finding clients that want to promote the growth of their own natural nails.  However for the majority this is not as easy as it may appears when they first begin.   By the time they even start to get to the length that they want to achieve, the nail begins to split, peel, bend or just crack.  Of course the use of a quality cuticle oil and even using nail polish can help.  Another great option is UV Gel for many reasons.  Our line of Perfectionist UV Gel is odorless, easy to apply with no filing and comes in a variety of shades with a high shine finish.  You can pick from Crystal Clear if you don't want any color at all.  We have pinks and whites in different opacities to achieve French Manicures.  We even have Concealer UV Gel Shades to hide nail imperfections and also our Glitterize UV Gel Colors that provide a little bling built right into the UV Gel itself.  Below is a UV Gel Natural Nail Overlay Video Tutorial showing just how easy it is to incorporate UV Gel into your manicures.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gelcrylic Nail Tutorial Video featuring Hot Neon Gelcrylic Powders

Gelcrylic Hot Neon Acrylic Powders
Gelcrylic Hot Neon Acrylic Powders
Check out our latest nail video tutorial using our popular Gelcrylic Nail System.  Featuring Hot Neon Gelcrylic Powders - Neon Acrylic Powders provides nail art with the strength of acrylic built right in.  We add nail art detail with our Color Gel Nail Art Pens.  Visit us on the web at for more information or to purchase products.  Don't forget you can contact us at any time with questions or for product assistance - we are always hear to help!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Staying organized is easy with Sheba Nails trendy Plastic Storage Boxes in fashion colors...

Now available exclusively at Sheba Nails three different Plastic Storage Cases to assist you in keeping your supplies organized and at your finger tips!  Perfect for nail art, make up, manicure supplies and more.  Each have sturdy handles for complete mobility so you can take your supplies with you wherever you go.  All of our storage containers have divided pull out trays so you can keep smaller items neatly in place and provides an excellent way to keep inventory of your products.  No more needing to dig through a bag or box and not know what you have or need to buy next.  At convenient prices you can get a box for each of your interests and keep them separate and organized - nail art, make up, manicure and more - scrap booking, air brushing, school, sewing supplies plus whatever you may need to keep organized and neat.  Choose from large capacity Laguna Blue Storage Cube Case, or smaller cases - Aloha Pink Translucent Storage Case or Think Pink Storage Case.  Check them out at