Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What LOYAL CLIENTS look for; A peek at what the crowd is asking from you, the professional.

      Hello beautiful people from all over the world! Jenny G here with some great tips on attracting and KEEPING a loyal clientele. I will always give you my honest opinion and advice learned through out personal experience and wisdom gained from others. Shebanail differs from other companies because we not only want to improve your skill set and work efficiency, but we want to assist you INTERNALLY as a person to fully maximize your potential as a nail tech. We are here to help you get to that next step in climbing the ladder of success using your ambition and passion for nails and beauty. We all know that one of our most important tasks as a nail tech is our ability to communicate. So, today we will discuss why effective presentation, personality, and consistency is very important! Let's begin...

      For starters, Let's cover the fundamentals with a bit of knowledge. "What is a Loyal Clientele?"
A loyal clientele is basically a group of women that traditionally see a specific tech every so often keeping up to date with her services and pampering. These women may come weekly, every two weeks or once a month depending on the service they request. You will now engage in a one-on-one personal and work related relationship.

     HOW exactly did you pick up a client? There are many effective ways: promotions, walk-ins, specials, etc.... BUT the most important of them all is WORD OF MOUTH! In other words, "recommendations". How you promote and sell your work will determine and attract, specific crowds, It is the first introduction to the clients who will be approaching your station. Ideally, it sets the atmosphere and expectation to your environment before potential customers arrive. It's an impression you give the client to take with them and spread to others. Keeping that in mind, here is an example: 1 out of 5 woman will brag about a good experience to others while 3 out of 5 will strongly talk about the bad. Its not only the number of people that return disappointed, but how long they are disappointed for. Unfortunately, a bad experience can be widely spread and usually is talked about longer rather than to a good experience.
         There are ways we can improve the customer experience. So ladies, hear me out when i say.... PERSONALITY AND SANITATION IS KEY TO PRESENTATION. Presentation can attract walking customers or drivers to want to check out your shop due to convenience, while sanitation sets the tone to a professional top of the line experience. Overall it will help the customer experience. After setting up a good presentation COMMUNICATION is another key. Upon arrival many things can alter a customers mood. From the way you greet them, to the music playing in the environment (volume and genre). Its the way you make someone feel and the importance you give to their wants. CONSISTENCY in these areas will greatly improve your work ethic and customer satisfaction.You don't want to be an average Joe. Be YOU!  They want YOU for a reason. Put yourself in the customers shoes and ask yourself,  Am I as polite and positive as can be? Do I smile enough for people to feel welcomed and comfortable? Do I do the little extras to make sure my station and others around me are neat and professional? Am i constantly making sure I am tending to all of my clients wants and needs? Did my client walk out extremely satisfied and happy? Am I consistent with everything above?
      Think of it this way... you will fall into two major categories. Being remembered, or being forgotten.
Your key is to obviously be remembered. Now, HOW you will be remembered is determined by you.
    HOW do you want to be remembered? What name do you want to give yourself? All things to consider.
    Now, for those of you looking for a change. Look around you. Find what improvements yourself and your station could use. If you are of those who can take criticism well, good for you! Go out there, seek your co-workers, peers and people around you to help guide you. Say, " I want to improve, could you please share some thougths and opinions on where i am lacking and how i may improve this? If you do not currently take criticism well, I stronlgy advise you work on it! criticism helps you be improve and make change! Use it! I know some of us are young and have different perceptions, new technology, and new trends, but let's not be ignorant. Wisdom comes a long way, and can take you even further. So, if someone is trying to give you some advice, Take it. This is why you are still reading, is it not? Correct!
   So now that you have some great advice on how to begin... go online now to and finish stocking up on great products. Shebanails equips you with your everyday sanitary essentials and quality top of the line products for a professional like you. Another little secret to success is the PRODUCT BEHIND THE PROFESSIONAL. So, you'll never go wrong with Shebanail because we back our products up 100%, and make sure that you are guided by a product specialist with any questions and concerns you may have.
    I hope you have gained some knowledge within this valuable information. Please let me know how this works for you! Also, if you have anything you'd like to add, comment below! Im always happy to recieve feedback from you. Don't be afraid to ask questions. :)


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