Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ever had a problem with another company before? Not with Shebanails! 100% backed up!

          Why is Shebanails different from other manufacturing companies?

      Did you know that Shebanails carries a full line of professional products made from the highest quality material around and in the USA?

     Starting with a dream back in 1987, Sheba has managed to create the most sophisticated, superior quality line of nail products available anywhere in the world! After hard work and persistence, Sheba is now an international accepted and recognized line with multiple distributors and counting!
     We didn't just get here overnight, with great products or hard work, we've made it this far through dedication and passion! We make sure our customers are greatly satisfied by providing excellent guidance and extensive knowledge on all products.
   Meaning, we back our products up 100% because we believe in them and we trust that our products when used correctly will maximize profits, deliver time efficiency, and beautiful creative nails to you or the clients taste!
   Additionally, Sheba maintains an ongoing policy of keeping up with the latest technology and techniques that we can share directly with you.  Your success IS our success.
  We are here to help provide with any information needed now with the help of one of our premiere product specialist, tutorial demonstrator and promoter Jennifer Gomez, b.k.a JENNY GOMEZ. At Sheba, we focus on client services and satisfaction - we want you to be happy and we'll do what it takes to make things right for you. 
  If you have any questions about products, techniques or education, please feel free to contact Sheba Nails. We are always pleased to hear from the core of our business - You, The Professional!

Sheba Nail

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