Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gelcrylic System, an odorless UV Gel & Acrylic Hybrid Nail System

Our Gelcrylic System is very popular right now as providing an odorless nail application is desirable for clients as well as technicians alike.

Our Gelcrylic System is a hybrid Gel Powder system which incorporates a Brush On Light Cured Gel and Self Leveling Acrylic Powder, this provides the strength of acrylic powder with the ease and shine of gel.  We have this system in two formulations - UV Gel which is to be used with UV Lamps only and is a file off system.  We also offer a UV/LED Gel which can be used with either a UV or LED Lamp and is a soak off formulation - which means it can be quickly soaked off the pure acetone. Another difference is that our UV Gelcrylic Gel is slight thicker than our UV/LED Gelcrylic Gel.

Our Gelcrylic System has 11 different acrylic powders to choose from including traditional, glitter and concealer shades.  Another great feature is that the gel comes in a brush on brush, it can be applied just like nail polish - for best results when building a nail apply the first layer thin and build up from there.  The more coats, the thicker and stronger the nail.  Our kit includes nail primer but this is only optional for those who are prone to lifting.  Our Gelcrylic Powders are finely sifted for quick dissolution when combine with gel in order to leave a smooth, shiny finish - other powder may leave a grainy look and feel

You can check out tutorial videos on You Tube - and our latest social media, Jenny Gomez will soon be posting additional Gelcrylic Videos as well. 

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