Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish Product Line Preview

We are coming out with our own line of specialty glitter nail polishes - Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish.  These are instant nail art in the form of brush on glitter nail polish.  But not just ordinary glitter, they inlude coordinating combinations of glitter shapes including hexagons, confetti, flat rhinestones, holographic glitters and more.  For nail techs, this is an excellent way to offer your clients additional nail art service for extra income that is quick and easy to incorporate into any traditional manicure service.  These versatile glitter nail polishes can be used over the entire nail or in a French manicure fashion.  It is fun to experiment and layer them over different color nail polish bases depending on the look you want to achieve.  Just one layer of Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish can convert any nail polish into an instant nail art service - think Holiday Season!!  Please enjoy this video preview of just a few of our Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish...

Best regards - Sheila Bargas

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