Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good News about our Sheba Odorless Acrylic and how to cure it Fast and easy.

I think our large clientele interested in using this acrylic for those clients that want acryilics but not the odor would like to know of an easier way to cure and dry it to a smooth finish.
A lot of nail techs hate to use odorless acrylic because they don't like the gummy layer left even when it is dry. Many people just buff off the gummy layer but others use ACRYSET to make it dry instantly and be able to file as traditional acrylics.

Well this is the latest news.

Once you apply the acrylic in one hand, place the hand  in a bowl of tap water for about 5 to 10 minutes or while you work in applying the acrylic to the other hand. Repeat to the other hand.
When you take the the fingers out of the water apply one drop of oil in each nail and rub on each nail .Then buff or file if needed.

The acrylic looks absolutely smooth and beautiful and the most important -NO ODOR !

Sheila Bargas

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