Thursday, September 27, 2012

Franken Polish Supplies are now available at Sheba Nails

For those interested in mixing custom nail polish, we are now carrying Franken Polish Supplies for you to enjoy.  Featuring our Artristry Pure Pigment Powders and Nail Polish Base, it is easy and fun to create nail polish from matte and pearlized and even glitter nail polishes.  We also have available empty nail polish bottles as well as nail polish bottle mixing balls.  Basically, everything you need to make nail polish to your own individual taste.  We also have a variety of glitter shapes available to make glittery nail polishes that are unique and will impress clients as well.  The possibilites are endless - have fun and be creative!
Sheila Bargas


  1. I think I need to get this! I got through Nail Supplies some salon expert kills my nails, this leaves me way more control..

  2. Yes we love this system! Did you ever get a chance to try it? We would love to see/hear how you did and what you created! :)