Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sologel Soak Off Gel Polish Video Tutorial

Interested in joining the gel polish trend?  Most salons are now offering this service so it is important not to get left behind.  Gel polish application is easier than ever.  Yes, it applies like a traditional polish with certain differences that are important for successful
The main differences with nail polish and gel polish are...
  • needs to be cured with an LED or UV lamp to dry
  • finishes like a UV gel in that there is a tacky layer that needs to be removed with alcohol after the final cure
  • needs to be soaked off with acetone to be removed
The following gel polish video tutorial demonstrates the application of Sologel Gel Polish to the natural nail.  However, gel polish can be used over artificial nails. Sologel Gel Polish is available in over 75 shades and are economically priced at $10.99 for 1/2oz (15ml).  During the month of June, they are discounted to $8.79 - as featured in Nails Magazine.

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