Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unique Nail Art With Cracked Egg Shells

We have recently added new colors to our line of Cracked Egg Shells nail art.  Easy to use, this pliable and delicate nail art medium can add interest to any nail art design.  Larger pieces can be trimmed down to any size desired.  Great colors include our latest additions Hot Pink, Hot Green and Camouflage.  The design pictured features Cracked Egg Shells - Whites encapsulated into the nail then surface decorated with nail art paint.  Tiny Hello Kitty characters are randomly placed on each nail art and then embellished with two toned flowers and dots. 
Nail art designs are only limited by your imagination.  Cracked Egg Shell nail art is just another way to expand the joy of creating nail art designs.  Below is a video of a very talented nail technician demonstrating her use of Cracked Egg Shells nail art.  Please subscribe to her channel muzzettchannel on You Tube.

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