Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish Product Line Preview

We are coming out with our own line of specialty glitter nail polishes - Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish.  These are instant nail art in the form of brush on glitter nail polish.  But not just ordinary glitter, they inlude coordinating combinations of glitter shapes including hexagons, confetti, flat rhinestones, holographic glitters and more.  For nail techs, this is an excellent way to offer your clients additional nail art service for extra income that is quick and easy to incorporate into any traditional manicure service.  These versatile glitter nail polishes can be used over the entire nail or in a French manicure fashion.  It is fun to experiment and layer them over different color nail polish bases depending on the look you want to achieve.  Just one layer of Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish can convert any nail polish into an instant nail art service - think Holiday Season!!  Please enjoy this video preview of just a few of our Glitter Blends Nail Art Polish...

Best regards - Sheila Bargas

Friday, October 12, 2012

Odorless Acrylic Nails Video Tutorial

For those who enjoy the benefits of odorless acrylic nails, this video demonstrates how to do an odorless acrylic fill and an alternative way of curing or hardening the nails by soaking in warm water.  The video finishes with Buenos Aires Manicure using Brilliance Polish Glitter for an elegant nail service.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it informative.
Sheila Bargas

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Franken Polish Supplies are now available at Sheba Nails

For those interested in mixing custom nail polish, we are now carrying Franken Polish Supplies for you to enjoy.  Featuring our Artristry Pure Pigment Powders and Nail Polish Base, it is easy and fun to create nail polish from matte and pearlized and even glitter nail polishes.  We also have available empty nail polish bottles as well as nail polish bottle mixing balls.  Basically, everything you need to make nail polish to your own individual taste.  We also have a variety of glitter shapes available to make glittery nail polishes that are unique and will impress clients as well.  The possibilites are endless - have fun and be creative!
Sheila Bargas

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good News about our Sheba Odorless Acrylic and how to cure it Fast and easy.

I think our large clientele interested in using this acrylic for those clients that want acryilics but not the odor would like to know of an easier way to cure and dry it to a smooth finish.
A lot of nail techs hate to use odorless acrylic because they don't like the gummy layer left even when it is dry. Many people just buff off the gummy layer but others use ACRYSET to make it dry instantly and be able to file as traditional acrylics.

Well this is the latest news.

Once you apply the acrylic in one hand, place the hand  in a bowl of tap water for about 5 to 10 minutes or while you work in applying the acrylic to the other hand. Repeat to the other hand.
When you take the the fingers out of the water apply one drop of oil in each nail and rub on each nail .Then buff or file if needed.

The acrylic looks absolutely smooth and beautiful and the most important -NO ODOR !

Sheila Bargas

Monday, August 27, 2012

Instant nail art made easy with Fantasy Encapsulation Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blends

We have just introduced 33 new Nail Art & Glitter Acrylic Powders to our line of Fantasy Encapsulation Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blends.  Nail art can be easy and fun with all of the different blends available from neon to more sophisticated mixes that include a variety of nail art combinations.  Enjoy self-leveling acrylic powders pre-mixed with coordinating nail art mediums such as cracked egg shells, disco ball mirror pieces, nail art shapes, glitter and much more.  The latest craze in nail art is encapsulating or encasing the nail art right into the acrylic nail.  Starting at $3.49 and with 48 different acrylic powder mixes to choose from, have fun and be creative by mixing and matching different blends together.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick and Easy Flower Nail Art Design With Nail Art Pens

Nail Art Design
This is the latest nail art design video featuring Color Gel Nail Art Pens.  It's a lot of fun trying out different nail art designs with these nail art pens as they are water based.  Perfect so that I can make any changes or even start all over again by wiping the nail clean with just water - of course prior to sealing with top coat.  At the end of the video there is an extra nail art design using Flat Nail Art Shapes that can be sealed with top coat or encapsulated in UV gel or acrylic.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sologel Soak Off Gel Polish Video Tutorial

Interested in joining the gel polish trend?  Most salons are now offering this service so it is important not to get left behind.  Gel polish application is easier than ever.  Yes, it applies like a traditional polish with certain differences that are important for successful
The main differences with nail polish and gel polish are...
  • needs to be cured with an LED or UV lamp to dry
  • finishes like a UV gel in that there is a tacky layer that needs to be removed with alcohol after the final cure
  • needs to be soaked off with acetone to be removed
The following gel polish video tutorial demonstrates the application of Sologel Gel Polish to the natural nail.  However, gel polish can be used over artificial nails. Sologel Gel Polish is available in over 75 shades and are economically priced at $10.99 for 1/2oz (15ml).  During the month of June, they are discounted to $8.79 - as featured in Nails Magazine.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unique Nail Art With Cracked Egg Shells

We have recently added new colors to our line of Cracked Egg Shells nail art.  Easy to use, this pliable and delicate nail art medium can add interest to any nail art design.  Larger pieces can be trimmed down to any size desired.  Great colors include our latest additions Hot Pink, Hot Green and Camouflage.  The design pictured features Cracked Egg Shells - Whites encapsulated into the nail then surface decorated with nail art paint.  Tiny Hello Kitty characters are randomly placed on each nail art and then embellished with two toned flowers and dots. 
Nail art designs are only limited by your imagination.  Cracked Egg Shell nail art is just another way to expand the joy of creating nail art designs.  Below is a video of a very talented nail technician demonstrating her use of Cracked Egg Shells nail art.  Please subscribe to her channel muzzettchannel on You Tube.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sologel Gel Polish Now With 33 New Shades

What a great way to start enjoying the warmer weather - adding some new colors to your tips and toes! Get your feet sandal ready with long lasting gel polish and finish your look with a matching manicure.  We have introduced 33 fantastic shades to our Sologel Gel Polish product line of soak off gel polish.  Choose from a great range of colors that apply smoothly with just one coat.  Our latest additions include a collections of white gel polishes including traditional White Pearls to shmmering Misty White and more, all to enable you to create unique and custom French Manicures that will last.  At the great price of $10.99 for 1/2oz (15ml) bottle, it's easy to stock up on a variety of shades to offer your clients.  Plus with Sologel All In One Top & Base Coat, it's like getting two for one - special formulation gel polish can be used as gel polish base coat and gel polish top coat.   Check out our website to view our complete line of Sologel Gel Polish.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Concealer Acrylic Powders are perfect for the discriminating nail professional...

Sheba Nails has added two wonderful shades of acrylic powders - Concealer Acrylic Powder available in Sunset Pink and Peach Fuzz.  Soft opaque acrylic powders that resemble the color of the natural nail plate.  These distinct acrylic powders enable you to "conceal" or camouflage imperfections or discoloration often found in the natural nail bed.  Choose from Sunset Pink or Peach Fuzz and easily match skin tones to prepare natural looking nails.  Perfect for those who want to achieve an acrylic French manicure.  Concealer Acrylic Powders can be used as an overlay or for acrylic form applications.  As with all of our acrylic systems, Concealer Acrylic Powders are Bubble-Free and Self-Leveling for easy application and smooth coverage.

Sunset Pink Concealer Acrylic Powder offers a soft pink shade of acrylic powder to achieve a natural looking nail bed.  Slightly opaque shade of acrylic powder with a pinkish hue that gently covers up imperfections in the natural nail bed,  Even out any discoloration without giving up the look of the natural nail.  This unique acrylic powder can be used as an overlay of the entire nail.  For french manicures, use at the base alone or overlay on top of the white tip to create a softened smile line and more subtle French manicure.

Peach Fuzz Concealer Acrylic Powder offers a gentle hue to this shade of acrylic powder excellent for many skin tones.  Delicate, peach tinted shade of acrylic powder that enhances skin tone while evening out the natural nail bed.  Hide lines, ridges and more with  this soft, opaque shade of acrylic powder, leaving a clean, finished look to any nail service.  Perfect to be used over french nail tips to achieve a softened French manicure or on the nail base alone for a more traditional look.  This is also excellent as an acrylic overlay application.

Visit our website at for more information and to see everything we offer for nails and more!