Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Odorless vs. Regular Acrylic Powder

Odorless or Regular Acrylics both make very beautiful strong nails. However, there are some minor differences that need to be taken in consideration before using it:
  1. It has no offensive oders. This makes your school and/or salon a safe environment.
  2. Cure time is slightly slower than traditional acrylics.
  3. Much less liquid is needed. We recommend using a small, square acrylic brush for an easy, self-leveling application.
  4. It dries with a slightly tacky layer. This can easily be buffed off. It can also be wiped off with alcohol to help in the drying process so you can buff quicker. Using Sheba Nails' Acryset Instant Sealer dries very fast and leaves a glossy finish.
  5. For state board exams, some states not only require the use of odorless acrylic, but require the package be sealed in order to take the exam.
Like our regular acrylic, our odorless acrylic does not contain MMA (Methyl Methacrylate).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creating stand out nail art designs with 3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds

3d acrylic nail art molds
Use any combination of Techno
Color Acrylic Powder for
customized nail art designs.
Creating 3D acrylic nail art designs are even easier than ever with theses innovative nail art molds.  Available in a variety of designs from flowers to butterflies, 3D nail art molds used in combination with Techno Color Acrylic Powders allows you to customize colors to your liking.  Used with any brand acrylic and liquid, they perfectly depict even the smallest details.  3D Nail Art Acrylic Molds are made of top quality, flexible silicone rubber and are reusable. 

Click here for step by step

3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds are unique, easy to use and ideal for combining with other nail art techniques such as stones, dust and more. The molds are filled in with acrylic and allowed to harden into detailed three dimensional nail art pieces. In contact with liquid acrylic ideally reflects all lines and smallest details of  3D applications.  Enables Nail Art designers to achieve top quality creations and get various three-dimensional decorations.  Reusable acrylic nail art molds in various styles for you to choose from.  Mix and match elements from each of the different molds to create unlimited amount of custom 3D nail art designs.  3D elements can be applied directly to the nail or applied with glue.  Easily created custom shaded and gradient nail art decorations with intense detail.  3D decorations obtained by this method is very difficult to make in any other method. Even the smallest details are clearly visible and fully reflects the natural look of the decoration.
3d acrylic nail art mold - orchid3d acrylic nail art mold - cherry blossoms3d acrylic nail art mold - calla leaves3d acrylic nail art mold - rose leaves3d acrylic nail art mold - rose garden3d acrylic nail art mold - butterfly3d acrylic nail art mold - christmas pointsettia and bells