Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clearing The Confusion About Gel Polish - Weighing the Pros & Cons

Recently, here at Sheba, we have had many customers inquire as to why we do not sell "Gel Polish colors in a bottle." Aiming to please our customers, we attempted to sell these "Gel Polishes" a few years ago. After many complaints, we only will sell U.V. color gel in a pot. Here is why, first of all, in an open pot, gel colors can be mixed to obtain a deeper color. "Gel Polish" that is in a bottle cannot be stirred. When gel is not mixed properly, the coverage of color and performance is altered. Our color gels will achieve the coverage you desire with one coat! Also, companies that create these "Gel Polishes," have to add solvents to the gel which after time evaporates and alters the stability of the gel. You cannot mix custom colors or create various designs at this point. Soak off U.V. Gel in a pot can be soaked off in 5-10 minutes and you can clean the nail plate without scraping or damaging your client's nail plate. Our U.V. Gel colors start at only $5.99, the average price for "Gel polish in a bottle" is around $17.95 per bottle! All the way around U.V. Gel in a pot is the best value for your money! Not to mention, you can get every single last ball of gel from the bottom of the pot, unlike “Gel Polish in a bottle” where there is much waste left in the bottom of the bottle.

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