Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why should I give gel polish a try?

So the latest craze is gel polish. It has become a very popular service and highly in demand. It is important to keep up with current trends. Sheba Nails has created Sologel Soak Off Gel Polish - a line of gel polish with a full array of shades to be able to offer your clients many colors. And with our economical price, it is easier to stock up and make available a wide spectrum of gel polishes from traditional shades to nail art colors, tinted french and sparkle effects. $10.99 1/2oz 

This revolutionary product applies like polish, cures under a LED or UV light. Just one coat wears flawlessly for up to 14 days and removes easily in minutes.

• Free of solvents
• Easy application, just like nail polish
• Long lasting wear – up to 14 days
• Beautiful, high-shine finish
• Cures in seconds with LED Lamp
• Cures in minutes with UV Lamp
• Soaks off in 10 minutes or less

Easy, lasting and beautiful! That is what you will find with Sologel Gel Polish - and all this with no solvents. Sologel Gel Polish is available in variety of shades, offering easy application - just like nail polish PLUS long lasting wear up to 14 days. Sologel Gel Polish cures in seconds with and LED lamp and in minutes with a UV Lamp to a beautiful, high-gloss shine. Change colors fast with soak off time of 10 minutes or less in acetone. High fashion colors are perfect for natural nails, overlays and pedicures.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Odorless vs. Regular Acrylic Powder

Odorless or Regular Acrylics both make very beautiful strong nails. However, there are some minor differences that need to be taken in consideration before using it:
  1. It has no offensive oders. This makes your school and/or salon a safe environment.
  2. Cure time is slightly slower than traditional acrylics.
  3. Much less liquid is needed. We recommend using a small, square acrylic brush for an easy, self-leveling application.
  4. It dries with a slightly tacky layer. This can easily be buffed off. It can also be wiped off with alcohol to help in the drying process so you can buff quicker. Using Sheba Nails' Acryset Instant Sealer dries very fast and leaves a glossy finish.
  5. For state board exams, some states not only require the use of odorless acrylic, but require the package be sealed in order to take the exam.
Like our regular acrylic, our odorless acrylic does not contain MMA (Methyl Methacrylate).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creating stand out nail art designs with 3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds

3d acrylic nail art molds
Use any combination of Techno
Color Acrylic Powder for
customized nail art designs.
Creating 3D acrylic nail art designs are even easier than ever with theses innovative nail art molds.  Available in a variety of designs from flowers to butterflies, 3D nail art molds used in combination with Techno Color Acrylic Powders allows you to customize colors to your liking.  Used with any brand acrylic and liquid, they perfectly depict even the smallest details.  3D Nail Art Acrylic Molds are made of top quality, flexible silicone rubber and are reusable. 

Click here for step by step

3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds are unique, easy to use and ideal for combining with other nail art techniques such as stones, dust and more. The molds are filled in with acrylic and allowed to harden into detailed three dimensional nail art pieces. In contact with liquid acrylic ideally reflects all lines and smallest details of  3D applications.  Enables Nail Art designers to achieve top quality creations and get various three-dimensional decorations.  Reusable acrylic nail art molds in various styles for you to choose from.  Mix and match elements from each of the different molds to create unlimited amount of custom 3D nail art designs.  3D elements can be applied directly to the nail or applied with glue.  Easily created custom shaded and gradient nail art decorations with intense detail.  3D decorations obtained by this method is very difficult to make in any other method. Even the smallest details are clearly visible and fully reflects the natural look of the decoration.
3d acrylic nail art mold - orchid3d acrylic nail art mold - cherry blossoms3d acrylic nail art mold - calla leaves3d acrylic nail art mold - rose leaves3d acrylic nail art mold - rose garden3d acrylic nail art mold - butterfly3d acrylic nail art mold - christmas pointsettia and bells

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nail Art Foil Encapsulation For Quick Yet Impressive Designs

Nail Art Foil has been around for many years and is making a resurgence.  Now with more foil patterns available, allowing nail technicians to offer more options to clients.  Inspired by the beauty that nail art foil has to offer, we have created two kits so you can begin or continue your love of nail art. 

Nail Art Foil Encapsulation Kit PLUS
 Sheba Nails Nail Art Foil Encapsulation Kit PLUS includes 3 - 3" x 12" sheets of assorted Nail Art Foils, Perfectionist Brush On Encapsulation Clear UV Gel 1/2oz Bottle, plus Foil Adhesive Two Way Bottle - $19.99  This kit features our Foil Adhesive in a great two way art bottle for easier application and more versatile designs.  Simply twist off the cap to reveal a nail art striper brush.  Then you can twist the cap back on and pull off the end cap for a fine art tip.  Easily create stripes and dots with precision.

Nail Art Foil Encapsulation Kit
 The original Sheba Nails Nail Art Foil Encapsulation Kit for $12.99 includes 3 - 3" x 12" sheets of assorted Nail Art Foils, Perfectionist Encapsulation Clear UV Gel 1/2oz Jar, plus Foil Adhesive 1/2oz - $12.99

A great design can be created by just covering the entire nail with nail art foil. For more intricate placement of the foil, simply apply the foil adhesive to the part of the nail that you want it to transfer to.   The foil adhesive applies white, once it turn clear it is ready for the foil to be placed face down on the nail.  Then gently peel away the foil to reveal the design created - the foil will only transfer to the portion of the nail that you have placed the foil adhesive on. 

Encapsulation foil nail art designs allows you to create long lasting designs, with the built in shine and durability that UV gel has to offer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clearing The Confusion About Gel Polish - Weighing the Pros & Cons

Recently, here at Sheba, we have had many customers inquire as to why we do not sell "Gel Polish colors in a bottle." Aiming to please our customers, we attempted to sell these "Gel Polishes" a few years ago. After many complaints, we only will sell U.V. color gel in a pot. Here is why, first of all, in an open pot, gel colors can be mixed to obtain a deeper color. "Gel Polish" that is in a bottle cannot be stirred. When gel is not mixed properly, the coverage of color and performance is altered. Our color gels will achieve the coverage you desire with one coat! Also, companies that create these "Gel Polishes," have to add solvents to the gel which after time evaporates and alters the stability of the gel. You cannot mix custom colors or create various designs at this point. Soak off U.V. Gel in a pot can be soaked off in 5-10 minutes and you can clean the nail plate without scraping or damaging your client's nail plate. Our U.V. Gel colors start at only $5.99, the average price for "Gel polish in a bottle" is around $17.95 per bottle! All the way around U.V. Gel in a pot is the best value for your money! Not to mention, you can get every single last ball of gel from the bottom of the pot, unlike “Gel Polish in a bottle” where there is much waste left in the bottom of the bottle.