Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Polish Glitter Isn't Just for Nail Art Anymore

If you have been following the latest fashion trends, you may have noticed glittery manicures.  Sheba Nails Brilliance Polish Glitter is a wonderful way to glam up manicures and nail art designs. 

The variety of shades available enable you to create subtle manicures to very dramatic nail art designs.  For instance, our pastel polish glitters can be applied to manicures and used as an alternative to standard nail polish - but it is also versatile enough to add glimmer to an existing nail polish color as a "glittery" top coat.  Using Brilliance Polish Glitters as a "top coat" can extend the use of your existing nail polish line - just offer clients the option of adding a polish glitter overlay.  Red or pink nail polishes can be enhanced with coordinating color such as Brilliance Polish Glitter Pastel Pink this way it adds a shimmering value to the polish without covering up the color completely.  Another idea would be to sparkle up french manicures by applying an overlay of Brilliance Polish Glitter Aurora Boreal Iridescent to the white tips only.

When it comes to nail art designs, Polish Glitter is a standard medium.  Don't limit yourself by just using the brush in the bottle, get more detail by using long striper brush or detail brush which allows more control when more intricate work is desired.  We have added some new colors to our line of Brilliance Polish Glitter which now includes 35 gorgeous brush on glitter polishes for you to choose from - 1/2oz just $2.49.


  1. The pastel polish glitters were exactly what i was looking for - a tint of color with great sparkle. Now I will have to buy the rest! At $2.49 each it is a great deal - thank you.

  2. These are so great for me, because I'm still learning to do a nice smile line with acrylic glitter. I just brush on a smile line with these, and incase in clear acrylic! Great shortcut for me since I am still learning!