Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Self-Adhesive Designer Nail Art Covers

The latest from Sheba Nails - nail art wraps in a variety of designs that are self adhesive for easy application. 

Self adhesive strips of Designer Nail Covers can be applied to the entire nail or cut into pieces to create a unique effect. Simple to use - just peel away from paper backing and apply directly to dry nail. Can be sealed with nail polish top coat or encapsulated with U.V. Gel or Acrylic.  Combine with other forms of nail art for even more dramatic nail art designs.

Convenient fix it system - ever break a nail at a party or event, just carry a strip of Designer Nail Cover in your purse for a classy repair in seconds. Fashionably hold nail in place until you have time to fix it. Strips size is 2"x 8" and comes with instructions.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Odorless Acrylic Powders Shades - Peach & Natural

Sheba Nails would like to welcome the latest shades of odorless acrylic powder added to our product line - Natural & Peach.  Each have a subtle hint of tone, just enough to camoflauge and hide imperfections in the nail bed. 

Here are some details that can assist in your success using odorless acrylic products:
  • Cure time is slightly slower than traditional acrylics
  • Much less liquid is needed, we recommend using a small, square acrylic brush for easy, self-leveling application
  • Odorless acrylic dries with a slight tacky layer, this can easily be wiped off with alcohol, alcohol wipes or use Acryset Instant Sealer that leaves a glossy finish

Odorless acrylic is different than traditional acrylic in its application alone - they are equal in strength and beauty.  If using an odorless acrylic system is your goal, these small modifications in technique are worth it. 

Please feel free to contact Sheba Nails with any questions or concerns your may have.  We are always happy to help and after all, your success is our success!  800-642-3236