Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fantasy Encapsulation Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blends

Create instant nail art with these premixed acrylic powder and nail art combinations.
Fantasy Encapsulation Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blends are a collection of acrylic powder premixed with different forms of nail art mediums. 

Here you can find some of your favorites nail art products such as Tropical Sands, Cracked Egg Shells and more already mixed with coordinating acrylic powder so you can create instant encased nail art designs.

Easily create encapsulated nail art designs with this collection of acrylic powder nail art blends.  Self-leveling acrylic powder combined with a mixture of coordinating nail art for instant nail art designs without compromising durability and strength.

Please feel free to visit our website to see each Acrylic Powder Nail Art Blend with more detail.  Choose from funky and fun bright colors and mixes or try something more contemporary with earthtones and bridal combinations.  Blends can be used over the entire nail bed, french manicure style - on one finger or on all and can be used with Dual System Forms. 

Don't be left out of the latest trend in nail art encapsulation - we make it easy to get started or continue your journey with fabulous nail art! 1/4oz jar $3.49 or 1oz Jar $9.99

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Latest In Nail Art Products - Color Gel Nail Art Pens

Pure Pink Color Gel Nail Art Pen
Sheba Nails Color Gel Nail Art Pens are a perfect solution for quick, intricate and easy nail art designs. 

Over 12 Colors Available

Gorgeous shades of color from metallic to fluorescent flow like "gel" allowing you to create smooth and rich nail art designs with unimaginable detail and control.  Another great feature is that these are water based making it easy to correct any "mistakes" without committing - the colors are not permanent until sealed with either top coat, uv gel or acrylic.  For nail art corrections or clean up, simply wipe off undesired part of design with a q-tip for instance and reapply.  Don't let the name fool you - these are not uv gel colors and so does not require a uv lamp to dry.  However for quicker drying between colors, a uv lamp can be used if desired.
Nail Art Design created using
Cracked Egg Shells enccapsulated
in Perfectionist UV Gel.  Color
Gel Nail Art Pens in Black and
White were used for added detail
for flowers and whisps.

Color Gel Nail Art Pens are a revolutionary way to decorate nails.  No mess, no fuss, quick dry and easy to use.  It's like using an ordinary pen to make a variety of nail art designs.  Ideal for fine nail art work - floral motifs, leaves, names or initials, birthdates, holiday designs and much more.  Available in a rainbow of over twelve colors for just $2.99 each. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Polish Glitter Isn't Just for Nail Art Anymore

If you have been following the latest fashion trends, you may have noticed glittery manicures.  Sheba Nails Brilliance Polish Glitter is a wonderful way to glam up manicures and nail art designs. 

The variety of shades available enable you to create subtle manicures to very dramatic nail art designs.  For instance, our pastel polish glitters can be applied to manicures and used as an alternative to standard nail polish - but it is also versatile enough to add glimmer to an existing nail polish color as a "glittery" top coat.  Using Brilliance Polish Glitters as a "top coat" can extend the use of your existing nail polish line - just offer clients the option of adding a polish glitter overlay.  Red or pink nail polishes can be enhanced with coordinating color such as Brilliance Polish Glitter Pastel Pink this way it adds a shimmering value to the polish without covering up the color completely.  Another idea would be to sparkle up french manicures by applying an overlay of Brilliance Polish Glitter Aurora Boreal Iridescent to the white tips only.

When it comes to nail art designs, Polish Glitter is a standard medium.  Don't limit yourself by just using the brush in the bottle, get more detail by using long striper brush or detail brush which allows more control when more intricate work is desired.  We have added some new colors to our line of Brilliance Polish Glitter which now includes 35 gorgeous brush on glitter polishes for you to choose from - 1/2oz just $2.49.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flat Nail Art Shapes

New additions to our Flat Nail Art Shapes have just arrived!  If you have never worked with this medium of nail art, this is a wonderful opportunity to give it a try.  It's like instant nail art at your finger tips - tiny, flat nail art shapes in a variety of colors and finishes allow you to create most any type of nail art design super fast.  These versatile nail art glitter shapes can easily be applied and sealed with clear topcoat.  Of course for long lasting designs, join the latest trend by encapsulated your nail art in uv gel or acrylic.

Our latest arrivals includes Petite Hollow Flowers in Metallic and Iridescent finshes, Iridescent Rings and more.  There are shapes available to suit most any style such as stars, crescent moons, diamond cut just to name a few.

A variety of colors, shapes and finishes including metallic, iridescent, hologram and satin means you can create nail art designs that hand painting and decals cannot achieve.  Plus the time saved by using pre-designed nail art shapes and pieces is always good for the professional as well as the client.

Above is a sprinkling our of Metallic Petite Flowers - visit our website to view all that we have to offer...

Iridescent Rings

Iridescent Petite Flowers

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Color UV Gel Sampler Kit with FREE Lamp

This is an excellent opportunity to either continue or begin your nail services with Color UV Gel and get a FREE UV Lamp to boot!  The Color UV Gel Sampler has 22, 1/8oz jars of assorted shades of Color UV Gels,including clear and white - your choice of formulations.  Choose from Simply Soak Off Color UV Gel or the traditional Colores Color UV Gel.
This kit makes is a great sampler as you get jars from
each of our three color collections:

•The Basics Collection

•Soft & Sophisticated Collection

•Sterling Shimmer Collection
All this, plus FREE 9 watt silver Professioanl UV Gel Lamp with 120 second built in timer and removable top for easy bulb replacement.  This kit has a value of over $200 but is now available for just $110.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spectrum Acrylic Customizing Color Art Drops

Spectrum Color Art Drops can be added to any acrylic liquid monomer or used pure to create customized color acrylic nails.
Acrylic liquid customizing color drops allow your to create a "spectrum" of color acrylic nails.

Available in three primary colors that can intermixed to achieve pretty much any color in the rainbow. Just a few drops in any acrylic monomer can create a glass nail effect. The more drops you add, the more intense the color hue - it is under your control. If you want pure, opaque color you may use the color drops directly from the bottle and do not dilute with liquid monomer.

Easily add color to your acrylic liquid monomer with these concentrated pigmentations in liquid form. Choose from three primary colors - Red, Yellow or Blue - 1/4oz Bottle with built in control dropper - $4.99ea

With Spectrum Color Art Drops it's easy to achieve a "spectrum" of colors with these intermixable color drops by being able to control the hue and intensity with each drop. With a built in dropper in each bottle so you can add just one drop into traditional monomer and see the color changes instantly. It's fun to experiment and create customized color acrylic for endless nail design possibilities. If you are looking for a solid color acrylic, Spectrum Color Art Drops are versatile enough to be used straight from the bottle. Just add the drops directly into a dappen dish, no need to dilute in acrylic liquid monomer.
Having a color mixing chart is helpful if you are looking to achieve a specific shade.

Let the fun begin with three primary colors - red, yellow and blue.

These three are taken as the basis for mixing all other colors. If you mix these primary colors in equal parts, you'll get a neutral color, usually a murky gray (it depends on the pigments you use).

When you mix any two primary colors, you get the secondary colors:

•yellow and blue produce green

•blue and red produce purple

•red and yellow produce orange

This leaves each primary color with a complementary color (mixed from the other two primaries). Blue/orange, red/green, and yellow/purple are complementary to each other.

Obviously, the fun really starts when you go on mixing primary and secondary colors. This gives you all the fabulous hues around the color wheel, from greenish blues to yellowish greens. These are sometimes called ‘tertiary’ colors. When you align the 3 primary colors with the secondary and 'tertiary' colors around the color wheel chart, the complementary colors always sit directly opposite each other. Each pair complement (= 'complete') each other to produce a neutral color. Mix two complementary colors, and you'll get the old murky gray.

Experiment and have fun!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Solteras Spa Selections - Dead Sea Mineral Mud

We have expanded our Solteras Spa Selections to include this fantastic product - Dead Sea Mineral Mud.
Mud from the Dead Sea has a high salt and mineral content, all of which are essential for the body. The mud infuses the skin with minerals leaving it clean, refreshed and hydrated. Dead Sea mud has the dual purpose of exfoliating as well as being as a natural cleanser. It not only removes toxins and impurities from the skin, but also tightens and tones the skin, improves blood circulation, hydrates the skin and aids in skin regeneration.
The Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the world with far greater concentrations of minerals than any ocean (a concentration of 32% minerals compared to other seas, holding approximately 3%).
  • This all-natural Dead Sea Mineral Mud unclogs pores and cleans your skin of bacteria
  • As it dries, it gently pulls out any toxins and impurities known to clog pores and leaves the skin completely clean, refreshed and pure
  • It acts as a moisturizer, smoothes skin and softens wrinkles
  • Firms your skin and tightens it, giving you an exceptional anti aging benefit and leaving your skin looking younger.
  • Dead Sea mud does wonders for problem skin, specifically for acne and eczema.
  • Deep cleansing, moisturizing mask will remove impurities and soften the skin's texture, leaving a fresh, healthy glow. 
  • Rich in Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E, which are renowned for their skin-moisturizing benefits and infuses your skin with much needed minerals while firming it and improving elasticity
 We recommend that you try the Dead Sea Mineral Mud as a face or body mask, by applying and leaving on skin to dry, then rinsing off and moisturizing to complete this refreshing feeling.
  • 8oz - $14.99
  • 64oz Pro Size - $105

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perfectionist UV Gel - Because Your Success is our Success

Perfectionist UV Gel system can meet all the needs of a professional nail technician.  This is a high-gloss, one step system that is self-leveling combined with unbeatable strength and beauty. 

We offer a variety of shades that enable you to meet any clients needs - from soft and natural shades that can be used as an overlay to promote natural nail growth; many tones of pinks and whites for any kind of french manicure; to speciality UV Gels like our pearlised and shimmer collections for special effect nail services. 

A total of sixteen shades that are formulated to allow you to increase the color intensity with each layer if you desire  - the possibilities are therefore endless!  Perfectionist UV Gel is used thoughout the world and expanding with each day - we believe this is because of the undeniable quality that is Perfectionist UV Gel.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Self-Adhesive Designer Nail Art Covers

The latest from Sheba Nails - nail art wraps in a variety of designs that are self adhesive for easy application. 

Self adhesive strips of Designer Nail Covers can be applied to the entire nail or cut into pieces to create a unique effect. Simple to use - just peel away from paper backing and apply directly to dry nail. Can be sealed with nail polish top coat or encapsulated with U.V. Gel or Acrylic.  Combine with other forms of nail art for even more dramatic nail art designs.

Convenient fix it system - ever break a nail at a party or event, just carry a strip of Designer Nail Cover in your purse for a classy repair in seconds. Fashionably hold nail in place until you have time to fix it. Strips size is 2"x 8" and comes with instructions.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Odorless Acrylic Powders Shades - Peach & Natural

Sheba Nails would like to welcome the latest shades of odorless acrylic powder added to our product line - Natural & Peach.  Each have a subtle hint of tone, just enough to camoflauge and hide imperfections in the nail bed. 

Here are some details that can assist in your success using odorless acrylic products:
  • Cure time is slightly slower than traditional acrylics
  • Much less liquid is needed, we recommend using a small, square acrylic brush for easy, self-leveling application
  • Odorless acrylic dries with a slight tacky layer, this can easily be wiped off with alcohol, alcohol wipes or use Acryset Instant Sealer that leaves a glossy finish

Odorless acrylic is different than traditional acrylic in its application alone - they are equal in strength and beauty.  If using an odorless acrylic system is your goal, these small modifications in technique are worth it. 

Please feel free to contact Sheba Nails with any questions or concerns your may have.  We are always happy to help and after all, your success is our success!  800-642-3236 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Acrylic Customizing Mixing Spoons

Experience our latest addition - Acrylic Customizing Spoons. 

Create your own custom acrylic shades with these pre-measured mixing spoons. When creating new shades, easily keep track of your measurements with mini spoons providing .15cc of product with each level scoop.  The color combinations are endless but keep a "recipe" as you work so that you are able to recreate any shades you have mixed - how many scoops of each color you used, etc.  Don't limit yourself to just mixing Color Acrylic for nail art.  Customize your regular acrylic powder as well for softer or more intense shades of pinks and more.   Excellent for Sheba Nails Color Acrylic or any other acrylic line of your choice.  Available in packs of 6 for $2.99.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simply Soak Off Color UV Gel - Sterling Shimmer Collection

Sheba Nails has added a new addition to the Simply Soak Off Color UV Gel product line.

Put some sparkle into your Spring with sterling shimmer shades from the Sheba Nails Simply Soak Off Color UV Gel Sterling Collection.

Odorless, self-leveling and exceptional in strength this collection includes 19 colors that can be used on artificial or natural nails and finish with a high gloss shine. Soak off formula means they are perfect for nail art, shimmering French, or permanent polish for manicures and pedicures - remove in 5-10 minutes with acetone. Create nails that won't chip or peel and never have to wait for polish to dry again.  $6.99 - 3.5 gram jar

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nail Art Design Ideas

Need some inspiration?  Please feel free to visit our website to view a variety of nail art design ideas.
There a many different forms of nail art represented in this gallery inlcuding:
  • Perfectionist UV Gel Encapsulated Nail Art Designs & Traditional Nail Art
  • Hand Painting & Airbrushing
  • Cracked Egg Shells
  • Tropical Sands
  • Rock Candy
  • 3D Acrylic
  • Chunky Glitter
  • Disco Ball Mirror Pieces
  • Crush Glass & More
Here is one of our favorites! 

Design created using Sheba Nails - Rock Candy in Chocolate Brown and Flat Rhinestones Gold encapsulated in Perfectionist UV Gel. Enhanced with flowers using Sheba Nails Flat Nail Art Paint in Brown, Nude and outlined in Black. Finalized with Topaz Acrylic Rhinestones and sealed with Top Seal.

Notice that this design does not cover the entire nail - this can make the nail appear to be longer and sleeker. The design begins about half way down the nail bed, not quite as low as your standard french manicure.