Monday, September 21, 2009

Sanitation & Preparation - The Key To Successful Nail Application

Sheba Nails has created a variety of manicure products which help in every step to achieving successful nail application and maintenance of all artificial nail products from gels to acrylics. These preparation and cleaning products not only provide for a safe antibacterial and anti-fungal environment, but also help you achieve that perfect professional finish.  A good, professional technician will religiously prepare the nail and NEVER forget or skip nail preparation in exchange for speed. Preparing the nail only takes five minutes, those five minutes will aid adhesion and most importantly ensure that you have not put your client at risk of obtaining a nail infection.

  • Disinfecting Sanitizer - Spray onto yours and your clients hands before any service begins.
    • An absolute must!!! Before, during and after artificial nail application. Also, necessary for regular manicures and pedicures. Disinfects and removes oil from the nail bed to get it ready for any new application. Use to prepare the nail properly to prevent lifting and peeling of all nail applications and nail polish.
  • PH Balancing Soak - Soak the nails or use wipe to clean each nail.
    • 2 in 1 Antibacterial - Plus Real Moisturizing Properties.  We combine our antibacterial formula with moisturizing properties so it helps retain more of your skin's natural moisture.  PH Balancing Soak is used as an important first step in all types of nail enhancement products (whether they be Gel, Acrylic or Nail Wraps). This product not only dehydrates your nails to help achieve optimum adhesion, it also consists of fast-acting ani-fungal and antibacterial agents that sanitise and cleanse your nails before work begins.
  • Cuticle Away Cuticle Dissolver- Soften and dissolves cuticles rapidly for easy removal - product applied onto petagryum will lift!  Moisturises cuticles and surrounding skin and assists in skin repair. 
    • Brush a small amount of Cuticle Away onto each cuticle. Gently remove dead skin cells using a stainless-steel cuticle pusher file or petagryum remover (unless client is diabetic - use a wooden or plastic tool on them) by scraping around the cuticle area and then gently push back the cuticle. Remove any excess product with a PH Balancing Soak soaked nail wipe.
  • PH Prep Nail Dehydrator - Temporarily remove oils and moisture from the natural nails.
    • Pre-primer, PH Balancing agent to help achieve maximum ahesion of acrylics, uv gels and nail tips to the natural nail. Not only recommended for use on problem nails which have a tendency to lift, PH-Prep is now included as one of Sheba Nails basic standard nail preparation steps. The inclusion of this product is highly recommended. Apply PH-Prep 3-4 seconds prior to primer to remove oils from the nail bed for better adhesion. PH-Prep does not need to be cured under a UV lamp and can be used with any type of nail application.
  • Thymol Antiseptic Pre-Primer Topical Solution - Inhibits bacterial growth.
    • Helps prevent microbial, bacterial and fungal infections. Assist in avoiding painful and unsightly bacterial infections, including those which can spread to healthy skin, cuticles and nails. Brush-on or dropper application.  Perfect for lift-prone clients - by the time your clients is back for a fill, any lifted nails are left unprotected and subject to fungal infections.  Assist in minimizing the growth of bacteria.
  • Primers - Nail primers create the perfect environment for nail enhancements to adhere to the natural nail.  Primers come in two varieties: acid-based and nonacid-based.
    • Sure Bond - One Coat Primer
      • Formulated to supply extra adhesion of acrylics and uv gels to nail bed. Prevents lifting or peeling.  Excellent to use on clients who have their nails exposed to the elements or have a tendency to lift due to oily skin conditions.  Acid-based primers chemically etch the natural nail surface. Care must be taken when applying these primers.
    • Non-Acid Primer
      • Now you can have the strength of primer FREE from acid. Great for use with any brand acrylic.  Sheba Nails NA Primer has a non-acid formula to help provide superior bonding. This product is particularly useful on nails with a tendency for lifting of nail enhancement products.  Non-Acid Primer chemically locks onto the natural nail surface acting like double-sided sticky tape -  suit clients with sensitive nails.

Of course proper preparation can lead the way to creating quality nail services - however, proper product application MUST follow.  Be sure to read any instructions that are enclosed with your products as different brands requre different application methods - i.e, different UV Gel curing times, different liquid retention for Odorless Acrylic, etc.  If a procuct is not working as expected, take the time to contact the manufacturer and voice your concerns or questions.  Many times you will find an answer if not far away.  Don't deam any product inferior or lose faith in your ability without getting ALL the information from the manufacturer as to proper product application of that particular brand.

For more information on sanitation and prepration, please follow this link to the Sheba Nails website - PREVENT PRODUCT LIFTING.  As always, we welcome any questions you may have and look forward to serving you in the future.  All the products mentioned above are available at

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