Monday, June 15, 2009

RNAS - Reverse Nail Application System Featuring Dual System Forms

We are always keeping up on the latest technology and techniques in the nail industry - see our latest addition, a nail form that works in reverse.

RNAS - is a Reverse Nail Application System. With Sheba Nails Dual System Forms, acrylic is placed on the underside of the forms and used to create the nail or to apply overlays and fills. Once acrylic is dry, remove the form to reveal a completely smooth, shiny acrylic surface that requires no filing or buffing.

  • Complete set in 20 minutes or less

  • No buffing or filing

  • Reduce dust particles in the environment

  • Use with or without nail tips

  • Quick and easy nail fills

  • Use with any acrylic system including color acrylic and odorless acrylic

  • Excellent to encapsulate nail art - the latest trend

  • Reusable and sanitizable

Here is a quick illustration of the technique demonstrating acrylic overlay with french white nail tips. For more detailed instructions, please visit the tutorials section of our website at

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