Sunday, May 24, 2009

Frutitas & Florecitas

Encapsulating nail art is very popular right now. We have many examples available on our website including disco ball mirror pieces, snowflake iridescents, crushed glass and much more.
Our latest products - Frutitas and Florecitas are excellent if you want to begin encapsulating nail art for there ease in application. Encapsulation of nail art can be accomplished using either clear acrylic or clear uv gel. Here is a demonstration using Sheba Nails Frutitas and Perfectionist Clear UV gel to create the entire nail with a nail form. Another option would be to begin with a clear nail tip and begin with step 2. This same technique can be used to apply and seal most types of nail art. Encapsulation enables designs to last and look fresh until the next fill. If you prefer to work with acrylic, subsitute Sheba Nails Clear Acrylic to either create the nail with nail forms or with a clear nail tip. Check out the different nail art sections of our website to see the various types of encapsulated nail art.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Endless designs can be created with color acrylic and 3D Color Acrylic nail designs are the ultimate right now.

This design features a simple flower created with Sheba Nails Neon Pink and White Color Acrylic. However, when you add a unique background, it makes the 3D flower really pop. Using clear acrylic, the nail was encapsulated with a combination of Sheba Nails Crushed Shells and Sheba Nails Crushed Glass only on the free edge. Once the flower was formed on the nail, detail was added with Sheba Nails Flat Nail Paints - a marbelizer/dotting tool was used to create the dots and a mini striper for the swirls. Note that the flower petals do not go all the way around the hot pink center, this gives a bit more artistic and contemporary look. This nail design is a good example of how different types of nail art can be combined to create something really unique. You are only limited by your imagination.

For a limited time we offer Sheba Nail Acrylic Try Me Pots - 1/8oz for $1 (that's 50% discount) in a rainbow of colors from satin shades, neons, pastels and shimmering colors. For nail art, this size can go along way and the economical price allows you to try many different colors with a minimum amount of investment. Also available 1oz size for $10.99 for those that need to buy in quantity.