Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soak-Off Color UV Gel

I would like to introduce the latest addition to our product line - Simply Soak-Off Color UV Gel.  This new formulation allows for safe and easy removal using acetone polish remover - no special remover to purchase.  As with our entire line of UV Gels, Simply Soak-Off Color UV Gel is self-leveling for easy application and odorless.  Sheba Nails exciting range of colors include shades ideal for nail art designs and standard shades to create long lasting manicures and pedicures with built in high gloss shine desired by customers.  Below you can find instructions for Simply Soak-Off UV Gel Color application and removal.  These tips can help you provide your clients with an exciting manicure, pedicure or nail art design service.

Sheba Nails Simply Soak-Off  UV Gel Colors Instructions
1- Prepare nails for UV Gel application vist for details
2- Apply thin layer of Simply Soak Off UV Gel Base Coat-Cure under lamp for 1 minute.
3- Apply Simply Soak Off UV Gel Color of your choice, allowing gel to self level and gently guide gel to nail area. Cure under lamp for 2-3minutes
4- Apply second coat for deeper color and cure as in step 3.
5- Brush on Simply Soak Off UV Sealer & Finishing Top Coat - Cure under lamp 2-3 minutes
6- Remove tacky layer with UV Gel Finishing Wipe to reveal a high gloss finish.

1 - For quicker removal, lightly file off any shine on the nails
2 - Soak nail in pure aceone for 5-10 minutes(depending of length of nails)
3 - When the uv gel begins to break down, using a birchwood stick or plastic cuticle pusher gently assist in the removal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Disco Ball Mirror Pieces Sampler Kit - New Item!!

We have just added a great sampler kit that includes the most popular colors of our Disco Ball Mirror Pieces line of nail art products.  These tiny pieces of "cracked disco ball mirror pieces" come in a rainbow of colors and are an excellent form of nail art for encapsulation. 

Kit includes nine stackable jars of Disco Ball Mirror Pieces in assorted colors for just $19.99

Visit our website at for designs created using Disco Ball Mirror Pieces.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nail Art Encapsulation

Nail Art Encapsulation is the latest trend - done with UV Gel or Acrylic, the choice is yours.

UV Gel Encapsulation - Prepare nails as usual.  Apply a thin coat of UV Gel to the nail.  The tacky layer of gel will allow you to place nail art items without the use of glue or topcoat.  Once nail art is in place, cure under lamp for 30 seconds, just to "hold" the nail art in place.  Next, apply UV Gel over the entire nail, thus "encapsulating" the nail art design and cure the required time for the UV Gel brand you are using.  For chunkier nail art, more UV Gel layers may be needed.  Apply as many layers of UV Gel as you need until the nail art items are entirely encapsulated and you have created a smooth nail surface.  Finally, remove the tacky layer with UV Gel Finishing Wipe & Cleanser to reveal your encapsulated nail art designs with an instant glossy finish that UV Gel provides.

Acrylic Encapsulation - Prepare nails as usual.  Using glue or topcoat, apply the nail art as desired.  Using a large acrylic brush, pick up one ball of clear acrylic and cover the entire nail, thus encapsulating the nail art onto the nail.  Apply another layer if needed.  Finally buff and shape the nail as needed.  Apply topcoat to finalize a glossy finish.

Nail Art Application Technique - Whether you are doing UV Gel Encapsulation or Acrylic Encapsulation the nail art application can be interchanged.  Depending on the nail design desired you may want to be more deliberate of it's application.  For example, if you want the nail art items to be in a specific location or position on the nail, you will need to pick up each nail art item with a birchwood stick and one by one place the nail art on the nail (either the tacky UV Gel layer or with glue/topcoat if you are using acrylic).  However, for abstract designs, it is easier and faster without sacrificing the results.  Using the methods indicated above for either UV Gel or Acrylic prepare the nails for nail art items (UV Gel tacky layer or for acrylic, using glue or topcoat), simply dip each nail into your desired nail art medium, for example Disco Ball Mirror Pieces.  Using a birchwood stick or tip of your finer, simply pat nail art items into place - flatten any pieces that are sticking up too much or any nail art that extends over the free edge.  Finally, encapsulate as usual.  Many times, this technique is used to create a "canvas" or background for the nail art design.  See details on the creation of the below nail art design and the use of an encapsulated nail art "canvas"

Experimenting with this new nail art technique is fun and durable - no more lifting or fading of nail art designs.  When a client returns for a fill, depending on the conditions of the nails, you may keep the nail art on and just do a fill as usual to the grown out area of the nail bed.  However, most clients are eager for a new nail art design, therefore remove the nails and prepare for a new set.  The removal of UV Gel has come a long way and is now faster and easier with Soak-Off UV Gel systems available.  Our line of Perfectionist Soak-Off UV Gel is easy to remove using only acetone - just file away the shine from each nail and soak in pure acetone.  Using birchwood stick, assist with the removal of the gel and simply "peel" away UV Gel from the nail.

The design above was created with Sheba Nails Cracked Egg Shells - Prism encapsulated in UV Gel to create a nail art "canvas" if you will for the design. Using Sheba Nails Flat Nail Art Paints, images of Hello Kitty and flowers were painted on to add dimension.  The use of a dotting tool allowed for the creation of the tri-colored dots randomly placed on the nails also using Flat Nail Art Paints.  The design was enhanced with rhinestones in a complimentary color to the center of each flower.  At the next nail appointment, the painted designs and rhinestones are eaily removed since they are not encapsulated.  Then you would do the fill as usualy on the growth portion of the nail, thus keeping the "canvas" of Cracked Egg Shell encapsulation for a new nail art design if desired.  Of course, if a brand new design is desired, remove all the nails and start with a fresh "canvas" or set of nails!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sanitation & Preparation - The Key To Successful Nail Application

Sheba Nails has created a variety of manicure products which help in every step to achieving successful nail application and maintenance of all artificial nail products from gels to acrylics. These preparation and cleaning products not only provide for a safe antibacterial and anti-fungal environment, but also help you achieve that perfect professional finish.  A good, professional technician will religiously prepare the nail and NEVER forget or skip nail preparation in exchange for speed. Preparing the nail only takes five minutes, those five minutes will aid adhesion and most importantly ensure that you have not put your client at risk of obtaining a nail infection.

  • Disinfecting Sanitizer - Spray onto yours and your clients hands before any service begins.
    • An absolute must!!! Before, during and after artificial nail application. Also, necessary for regular manicures and pedicures. Disinfects and removes oil from the nail bed to get it ready for any new application. Use to prepare the nail properly to prevent lifting and peeling of all nail applications and nail polish.
  • PH Balancing Soak - Soak the nails or use wipe to clean each nail.
    • 2 in 1 Antibacterial - Plus Real Moisturizing Properties.  We combine our antibacterial formula with moisturizing properties so it helps retain more of your skin's natural moisture.  PH Balancing Soak is used as an important first step in all types of nail enhancement products (whether they be Gel, Acrylic or Nail Wraps). This product not only dehydrates your nails to help achieve optimum adhesion, it also consists of fast-acting ani-fungal and antibacterial agents that sanitise and cleanse your nails before work begins.
  • Cuticle Away Cuticle Dissolver- Soften and dissolves cuticles rapidly for easy removal - product applied onto petagryum will lift!  Moisturises cuticles and surrounding skin and assists in skin repair. 
    • Brush a small amount of Cuticle Away onto each cuticle. Gently remove dead skin cells using a stainless-steel cuticle pusher file or petagryum remover (unless client is diabetic - use a wooden or plastic tool on them) by scraping around the cuticle area and then gently push back the cuticle. Remove any excess product with a PH Balancing Soak soaked nail wipe.
  • PH Prep Nail Dehydrator - Temporarily remove oils and moisture from the natural nails.
    • Pre-primer, PH Balancing agent to help achieve maximum ahesion of acrylics, uv gels and nail tips to the natural nail. Not only recommended for use on problem nails which have a tendency to lift, PH-Prep is now included as one of Sheba Nails basic standard nail preparation steps. The inclusion of this product is highly recommended. Apply PH-Prep 3-4 seconds prior to primer to remove oils from the nail bed for better adhesion. PH-Prep does not need to be cured under a UV lamp and can be used with any type of nail application.
  • Thymol Antiseptic Pre-Primer Topical Solution - Inhibits bacterial growth.
    • Helps prevent microbial, bacterial and fungal infections. Assist in avoiding painful and unsightly bacterial infections, including those which can spread to healthy skin, cuticles and nails. Brush-on or dropper application.  Perfect for lift-prone clients - by the time your clients is back for a fill, any lifted nails are left unprotected and subject to fungal infections.  Assist in minimizing the growth of bacteria.
  • Primers - Nail primers create the perfect environment for nail enhancements to adhere to the natural nail.  Primers come in two varieties: acid-based and nonacid-based.
    • Sure Bond - One Coat Primer
      • Formulated to supply extra adhesion of acrylics and uv gels to nail bed. Prevents lifting or peeling.  Excellent to use on clients who have their nails exposed to the elements or have a tendency to lift due to oily skin conditions.  Acid-based primers chemically etch the natural nail surface. Care must be taken when applying these primers.
    • Non-Acid Primer
      • Now you can have the strength of primer FREE from acid. Great for use with any brand acrylic.  Sheba Nails NA Primer has a non-acid formula to help provide superior bonding. This product is particularly useful on nails with a tendency for lifting of nail enhancement products.  Non-Acid Primer chemically locks onto the natural nail surface acting like double-sided sticky tape -  suit clients with sensitive nails.

Of course proper preparation can lead the way to creating quality nail services - however, proper product application MUST follow.  Be sure to read any instructions that are enclosed with your products as different brands requre different application methods - i.e, different UV Gel curing times, different liquid retention for Odorless Acrylic, etc.  If a procuct is not working as expected, take the time to contact the manufacturer and voice your concerns or questions.  Many times you will find an answer if not far away.  Don't deam any product inferior or lose faith in your ability without getting ALL the information from the manufacturer as to proper product application of that particular brand.

For more information on sanitation and prepration, please follow this link to the Sheba Nails website - PREVENT PRODUCT LIFTING.  As always, we welcome any questions you may have and look forward to serving you in the future.  All the products mentioned above are available at

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tropical Sands Nail Art Is Here

The latest arrival to the Sheba Nails is a unique nail art product that is quite versatile and comes in some exciting colors. Tiny sands are applied with topcoat and brush for detail work or it can be sprinkled over the wet nail. Then simply use topcoat to seal or for longer lasting designs you can encapsulate in clear acrylic or uv gel.

It is fun to combine nail art mediums as has been done here. This is a free form acrylic nail that has combined Tropical Sands Agua and Disco Ball Mirror Pieces Sapphire to create a "base" nail for the wonderful flowers that have been painted over them. Experiment by painting different types of flowers - here the flowers seem to "fall" off the edges of the nails for a contemporary look. Use a dotting tool to add dimensional dots echoing the shapes of the flowers.
Visit to see all the Tropical Sands color range of seven gorgeous shades. Available in 1/4oz jars for just $1.99.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Sheba Nails has a new addition to our nail art family - Cake Sprinkles.
Tiny flat nail shapes with a prism sheen for ultimate designs. Excellent for use with the latest trend of nail art encapsulation in acrylic and uv gel.
Of course, Sheba Nails Cake Sprinkles can always be applied and sealed traditionally top coat.

It's like frosting for your nails!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

RNAS - Reverse Nail Application System Featuring Dual System Forms

We are always keeping up on the latest technology and techniques in the nail industry - see our latest addition, a nail form that works in reverse.

RNAS - is a Reverse Nail Application System. With Sheba Nails Dual System Forms, acrylic is placed on the underside of the forms and used to create the nail or to apply overlays and fills. Once acrylic is dry, remove the form to reveal a completely smooth, shiny acrylic surface that requires no filing or buffing.

  • Complete set in 20 minutes or less

  • No buffing or filing

  • Reduce dust particles in the environment

  • Use with or without nail tips

  • Quick and easy nail fills

  • Use with any acrylic system including color acrylic and odorless acrylic

  • Excellent to encapsulate nail art - the latest trend

  • Reusable and sanitizable

Here is a quick illustration of the technique demonstrating acrylic overlay with french white nail tips. For more detailed instructions, please visit the tutorials section of our website at

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Frutitas & Florecitas

Encapsulating nail art is very popular right now. We have many examples available on our website including disco ball mirror pieces, snowflake iridescents, crushed glass and much more.
Our latest products - Frutitas and Florecitas are excellent if you want to begin encapsulating nail art for there ease in application. Encapsulation of nail art can be accomplished using either clear acrylic or clear uv gel. Here is a demonstration using Sheba Nails Frutitas and Perfectionist Clear UV gel to create the entire nail with a nail form. Another option would be to begin with a clear nail tip and begin with step 2. This same technique can be used to apply and seal most types of nail art. Encapsulation enables designs to last and look fresh until the next fill. If you prefer to work with acrylic, subsitute Sheba Nails Clear Acrylic to either create the nail with nail forms or with a clear nail tip. Check out the different nail art sections of our website to see the various types of encapsulated nail art.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Endless designs can be created with color acrylic and 3D Color Acrylic nail designs are the ultimate right now.

This design features a simple flower created with Sheba Nails Neon Pink and White Color Acrylic. However, when you add a unique background, it makes the 3D flower really pop. Using clear acrylic, the nail was encapsulated with a combination of Sheba Nails Crushed Shells and Sheba Nails Crushed Glass only on the free edge. Once the flower was formed on the nail, detail was added with Sheba Nails Flat Nail Paints - a marbelizer/dotting tool was used to create the dots and a mini striper for the swirls. Note that the flower petals do not go all the way around the hot pink center, this gives a bit more artistic and contemporary look. This nail design is a good example of how different types of nail art can be combined to create something really unique. You are only limited by your imagination.

For a limited time we offer Sheba Nail Acrylic Try Me Pots - 1/8oz for $1 (that's 50% discount) in a rainbow of colors from satin shades, neons, pastels and shimmering colors. For nail art, this size can go along way and the economical price allows you to try many different colors with a minimum amount of investment. Also available 1oz size for $10.99 for those that need to buy in quantity.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New disco ball unique nail art!

This is a new idea for nail art. Nail techs are always looking for something different! well here is something unique . I never seen it anywhere before. This Disco Ball makes amazing resilient contemporary nail designs.

It is very easy to apply .The latest thing is applying it to the tip of a clear nail tip ,you can appreciate the design from back and front. Just brush on glue on the nail tip free edge as of painting s french manicure ; apply the disco ball color of your choice and then encapsulate design with clear gel (cure 3 minutes under uv light or just apply a clear glass acrylic (such as sheba's System "A" ) or Porcelana Blue clear acrylic powder ,then buff and top coat .Looks Fantastic !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sheila starts blogging.

Things have changed quite a bit since starting Sheba Nails back in 1987 - and they seem to be changing even faster these days. For this reason, among others, I have decided to start blogging. This gives me an opportunity to share with other nail industry professionals in "real time".As a fellow nail technician, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you, the professional.